Core InfraVein Technology 

There are two main components that make Infravein’s core technology: The LCD display and the infrared camera. The infrared camera is pointed at the skin of a patient using a frequency of 700 NanoMeters which is the industry standard to detect veins underneath the skin.To operate an InfraVein device is simple: with the click of a button, the device will turn on and will function immediately. Point the core technology to the area that you will want to puncture and the camera will be able to detect the absorbed and reflected light from the infrared frequency. The camera will send that information to the LCD which will be able to display a roadmap of all the available veins within the area of the infrared light.



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Fixed Stand


Technicians are able to use different attachment which allows InfraVein to be use as a wearable, portable, and a fixed technology. Allowing the technician to decide how they want to use the technologies allows for ease of use. According to research by Accuvein and the nurses society conference, reduction of escalation, sticks, labor, and supplies proved on average a savings of $4.25 per patient. Patent pending guard allows technicians to be safe from blood splatter. This guard protects the technician from possible contaminated blood from squirting into their eyes, nose, or mouth. This new guard can reduce liability for the company involved by reducing risk to the technician. It allows the technician to do their job safely and effectively to any kind of patient who may possibly have volatile blood.