Our Mission

Provide the end user with better accuracy, peace of mind, and safety when performing venipuncture procedures. 

InfraVein is dedicated to developing innovative medical devices that allow users to perform venipuncture procedures with 100% confidence.

Our Vision

Our technology will become the norm for all future venipuncture procedures.

INFRAVEIN will be the number one reason of why patients are confident when going into the clinic for a venipuncture procedure. 

InfraVein assists all phlebotomists, nurses, technicians and doctors to have a 100% accuracy when puncturing the vein under any circumstance, under any type of setting


Our Values

We value our direct customers, as well as your patients.

our device is both protective and comfortable for the user and the patient. INFRAVEIN strives to give our clients the confidence to perform venipuncture procedures.

We develop a reputation that will keep our customer coming back for new advances in the core technology, by providing great customer service and multifaceted products. 


Currently, the medical device industry does not have a product utilizing both vein imaging technology and blood splash protection. InfraVein combines both of these features into a single hands-free device. This device has the potential to improve donor experience while simultaneously protecting our staff
— James Randle, Assistant Director of South Texas Blood and Tissue Bank